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More Monday Movies - Amanda
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May 2009

Date: 2009-05-18 15:47
Subject: More Monday Movies
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Star Trek - Shockingly good.  Really well done and fun...great cast, suprisingly funny, right tone, awesome visuals, and I actually cared about the characters. Sure they took some liberties with the story but it didn't really bother me. I do hope they get more into the philosophical stuff next time. Winona Rider wtf!? Also, I loved that Uhura was all about Spock and not Kirk.

Adventureland - Very sweet "coming of age" story set in the 80's. A kid graduates from college, works at an amusement park for lack of a better job, hangs out with some people, loves a girl, etc. More of a drama than I thought it would be but I liked it. Martin Starr (Bill from Freaks and Geeks) and Bill Hader helped a lot. I think the music really elevated this movie...like when they eat the pot cookies and ride around in the bumper cars to The Cure, or watch the fireworks to Crowded House? Plus Animotion - "You're My Obsession"...INXS - "Don't Change"...Velvet Underground, etc...I was downloading like a madwoman when we got home.

I Love You, Man - Waaay better than I thought it would be...mainly due to it's heart...plus I haven't laughed this hard in a theater in a long time. It was cool to see Paul Rudd play an awkward, dorky guy. One of those movies that gets better as you think about it. I want to see it again.  Gets extra points for the massive RUSH references, perforance, etc.  This made me so happy.

Quantum of Solace - Crappy plot, fun action, overall entertaining. 

Happy-Go-Lucky - Awesome...if you can handle a couple hours of unstoppable optimism. But a cool idea and something that seems rare in a lot of movies - happiness! And whether it comes from inside or out.

Rachel Getting Married - Hey, we're neurotic Connecticut WASPs, but our daughter is marrying a black guy, so the wedding party will be full of interesting, ethnic people including jazz musicians, Rastafarians, and some British dude who plays a violin through the entire fucking movie. Sit through our rehearsal dinner in real time, then watch us be complete assholes to each other for two hours.
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B: Marjane Punch
User: satellite
Date: 2009-05-18 23:50 (UTC)
Subject: On Rachel Getting Married
Keyword:Marjane Punch
I missed the entire movie because the director's self-inflated ego was in the way. From what I did see, it was the visual synthesis of "Stuff White People Like" #7 (Diversity) and #55 (Apologies).

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I Am Your Favorite DJ: A Blip on the Screen
User: hotshotrobot
Date: 2009-05-19 00:58 (UTC)
Subject: Re: On Rachel Getting Married
I'll tell ya--come from an alcoholic family and/or date someone in recovery, and that movie will resonate like the dickens.
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a_tiny_goat: ee cummings
User: a_tiny_goat
Date: 2009-05-22 06:20 (UTC)
Subject: Re: On Rachel Getting Married
Keyword:ee cummings
I love that you too thought of Stuff White People Like.

I could not stand this movie.

Happy-Go-Lucky was entertaining though.
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User: bundlesofvitals
Date: 2009-05-22 13:46 (UTC)
Subject: Re: On Rachel Getting Married
Totally! Thanks for the confirmation of hate, guys. What a bunch of self-absorbed assholes those people were.
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User: who_are_parents
Date: 2009-05-20 11:43 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
"Adventureland" was marketed like some kind of bust-a-gut comedy which was really inaccurate, but it was still a very good movie. Martin Starr was the best.
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User: bundlesofvitals
Date: 2009-05-22 13:39 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Yeah, I was surprised it was more of a drama, but it was great. Bill Hader should do his own movie.
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