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I think my transformation into an old lady is almost complete...I… - Amanda
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May 2009

Date: 2009-02-06 15:46
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I think my transformation into an old lady is almost complete...I spent my entire lunch hour picking out yarn and crochet hooks at the JoAnne Fabrics.  That place is amazing. It was full of retired looking women sitting at tables with patterns spread out, just sewing, talking, and enjoying their little Friday afternoon.  There were so many beautiful options...I got some neat purple/blue/green yarn and hope to make a simple granny square tonight.  My goal is to be knitting socks by spring and making little quilts for my neice by next fall.  Whoo!  I'll have to really party my ass off on Saturday to make up for all this crafty shit.  Foetopsy and Dyscrasia are playing at Liquor Sweets so that might do it.

Other than craft obsessions, It's been an exciting couple of weeks.  The spring semester started for me, and the group is good...some teachers, a guy I used to work with at WSUW, and an amateur natural bodybuilder who I interrogated about his diet/workout/tanning/oiling routine, which he was very happy to share.  I found out that the undies are called "posing trunks".  He even left in the middle of class to eat some steak and brown rice.  That kind of discipline fascinates me, and he was more than happy to talk about it...triglycerides, omega 3's....I did a lot of nodding.  Oh yeah, the class content is pretty interesting too.  We've adapting curriculum for students with severe disabilities.  I haven't really worked with that population before, so this will help me narrow down my emphasis.  I'm going to enjoy this last weekend before the homework grind really starts.  I hope you all enjoy yours...
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User: a_tiny_goat
Date: 2009-02-09 05:22 (UTC)
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You make a lovely old lady!
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